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Lombard & Geliebter LLP is a New York City-based boutique law firm specializing in intellectual property litigation and prosecution. Our attorneys’ backgrounds combine large firm and in-house corporate experience and takes the best of those practice techniques and improves upon them to consistently provide a responsive, product and value-driven client experience. It may be a cliche, but the client truly does come first at LG. Our mission is to provide meaningful, timely results that are consistent with, and thoughtfully, strategically tailored to, the client’s specific needs.

LG represent clients of all sizes and across every industry, from multinational pharmaceutical companies and popular food and beverage brands, to financial service firms, retail stores and Internet start-ups. For example, the firm recently sucessfully defended Jedmed Instrument Compnay against patent infringement claims, forcing the plaintiff to dismiss all claims with prejudice, while securing Jedmed’s status as the “prevailing party” for purposes of qualifying for attorneys’ fees under Section 285 of the Patent Act. The firm also successfully served as lead counsel on behalf of defendants Donna Karan International and Burberry Ltd. in defense against prolific patent troll GeoTag. The suit, which involved claims of patent infringement in connection with website store locator technology, resulted in favorable outcomes for LG’s clients. A small sampling of other notable clients represented by the firm include Nestle Skin Health and Galderma, Ipsen Pharma, LiDestri Food & Beverages (owner of the Francesco Rinaldi pasta sauce and Zeigler’s apple cider brands), Grovo Learning (online skills training platform for the workplace) Toufayan Bakery (pita bread), and Yifang (one of the largest manufacturers of tablet computers, digital pens, and other consumer electronics in China).

Our firm was founded in January 2009 by Darren Geliebter and G. Mathew Lombard with the goal of providing big-firm level of service with the nimbleness and individualized attention and responsiveness that boutique firms are known for. Utilizing and leveraging the latest in technology has allowed L&G to build an IP practice on par with larger, multi-disciplinary law firms, but with a more personal, flexible, client-focused touch.

Our attorneys’ backgrounds combine large firm and in-house corporate experience and takes the best of those practice techniques and experiences and improves upon them to consistently provide a responsive, collaborative, and value-driven client experience with one goal in mind: provide meaningful, timely legal advice and counseling that is consistent with, and tailored to, the client’s specific business needs.


Federal Litigation

  • Lumos Technology Co., Ltd. v. JEDMED Instrument Company, No. 1:16-cv-06939 (S.D.N.Y.) (Defended medical device distributor against patent infringement action relating to macrophotography)
  • Tandem Goods LLC v. Casper Sleep Inc., No. 1:17-cv-06670 (S.D.N.Y.) (Represented inventor/start-up manufacturer and designer of bedding products in patent infringement action against nationally recognized competitor)
  • Galderma S.A. v. Skinn Cosmetics, LLC, et al., No. 2:16-CV-02366 (C.D. Cal.) (Represented global dermatological company in seeking declaratory judgment of non-infringement of defendant’s trademark)
  • Zany Toys, LLC v. Pearl Enterprises, LLC, No. 3:13-cv-05262 (D.N.J.) (Represented manufacturer of popular, nationally recognized consumer toy in action for trademark and trade dress infringement)
  • Geotag Inc. v. Burberry Limited, No. 2:12-cv-00443 (E.D. Texas) (Represented Burberry Ltd. in this complex patent litigation defending against prolific patent troll; case involved alleged infringement of patent purported to cover store locator technology used on websites)
  • Geotag Inc. v. Donna Karan Int’l, Inc., No. 2:12-cv-00457 (E.D. Texas) (Represented Donna Karan Int’l in this patent litigation defending against prolific patent troll)
  • Createthe Group, Inc. v. GeoTag Inc., No. 13-cv-3615 (S.D.N.Y.) (Represented Createthe Group  in this Declaratory Judgment Action of non infringement and invalidity of Patent against patent troll)
  • Desly, et al. v. Spartak (E.D.N.Y.), 13-cv-2303 (E.D.N.Y.) (Represent manufacturer and distributor of Spartak-branded confectionaries in the U.S. against Belarusian factory for claims of trademark infringement, trade dress infringement, breach of contract, and related claims)
  • Zany Toys, LLC v. Pearl Enterprises, LLC, 13-cv-5262 (District Ct., NJ) (Represent plaintiff, manufacturer of popular, nationally-recognized consumer item, in action for trademark infringement and related claims)
  • IP Power Holdings Ltd v. Sears Holdings Corp., 13-cv-6081 (S.D.N.Y.) (Successfully represented plaintiff in patent infringement claim in connection with patent for cross-member supporter for foldable furniture)
  • Long Corner v. Yifang USA, 14-cv-0363 (E.D. Texas) (Successfully resolved patent infringement case involving a system, device and method for extending a stroke of a computer pointing device)
  • LiDestri Foods, Inc. v. Francesco’s Hole in the Wall, No. 14-cv-7341 (S.D.N.Y.) (Represent plaintiff, owner of globally-famous Francesco Rinaldi-brand pasta sauces in this trademark infringement action; motion for preliminary injunctive relief has led to removal of all infringing goods from the marketplace and successful resolution to dispute)
  • Galderma S.A. et al v. Laderma Health USA, Inc., No. 11-cv-0222 (S.D.N.Y.) (Successfully moved for a preliminary injunction on behalf of Galderma to prevent infringement of its globally-famous pharmaceutical company trademark)
  • Sunrise Sun-Ripened Tomatoes, Inc. v. Bostonia Produce, Inc. et al, No. 12-cv-1877 (Represented plaintiff, owner of LUCKY’S trademark, successfully stopping infringement of its trademark)
  • Rica Apparel v. Seal Trademarks, No. 11-cv-5900 (E.D.N.Y.) (Represented plaintiff in this Declaratory Judgment Action of non infringement of trademark; Secured successful resolution for client)
  • Aventis Pharmaceuticals Inc. v. Heal the World, 11-cv-9489 (S.D.N.Y.) (Successful action on behalf of global pharmaceutical company for trademark infringement and related claims in connection with its famous NASACORT mark)
  • Early Learling v. Community Products LLC, 09-cv-6343 (District Ct., NJ) (Successfully settled patent infringement case involving chair design)
  • Roth Capital Partners, LLC v. Hotels At Home, Inc., 06-cv-3101 (District Ct., NJ) (Domain name dispute and action under the Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act led to successful acquisition of domain name on behalf of prominent investment bank)
  • Baby Bean Productions, LLC v. DC Shoes, et al., 10-cv-2606 (S.D.N.Y.)
  • The Fisher Grosbard Group Inc. v. Hot Studio Inc., 12-cv-0166 (S.D.N.Y.)
  • Kaufhold v. Cyclopian Music, Inc.,11-cv-01460 (District Ct., NJ)
  • Yesh Music v. NJ District Council of the Assemblies of God, 12-cv-6732 (District Ct. NJ)
UDRP (Domain Name Arbitration Proceedings)
  • BioTreasures, Inc. v. Szczepanski, WIPO Case No. D2000-1591 (2001) (counsel for complainant)
  • sanofi-aventis v. Sefcik/The Hubcap Store, Case No. FA1104001385488 (2011) (successfully secured ownership of sanofigenzyme.us for complainant sanofi-aventis)
  • Galderma v. HSP Marketing/Domains by Proxy, WIPO Case No. D2011-0265 (2011) (counsel for complainant Galderma re EPIDUPREVIEW.ORG)
  • Galderma Laboratories, Inc./Galderma S.A. v. Noble, WIPO Case No. D2010-1317 (2010)
  • Galderma S.A. v. Ordona, WIPO Case No. D2013-0363 (2013) (counsel for complainant)
  • Galerma S.A. v. Terra Serve, WIPO Case No.  Proceeding No. D2013-0445 (2013) (counsel for complainant)
  • Roth Capital Partners, LLC v. Hotels at Home, Inc., WIPO Case No. D2006-0565 (ROTH.COM)
  • TDC A/S v. Hiran Verges, WIPO Case No. DBIZ2002-00015 (Successfully secured ownership of TDC.BIZ)
  • Galderma v. A Happy Dreamhost (RESTORADERM.COM)
Trademark Trial & Appeal Board Proceedings (TTAB)
  • In re Galderma S.A., Ser. No. 7770418 (TTAB 2011)·
  • A.V. Imports v. LiDestri Foods (BEL MONDO)
  • Agave Loco v. LiDestri Foods (SMOOTHCHATA)
  • Agavera Camachines v. LiDestri (BRAND 1834)
  • American Sporting Goods v. Rica Apparel (91202824)
  • Aventis v. Heal the World (NASACORT v. LAZACOR) (Opposition No. 91192046)
  • Bootleggers Brewery LLC v. Prohibition Distillery, Cancellation No. 92053723 (BOOTLEGGER BLONDE ALE)
  • Boy Scouts of America v. Sosin, Opposition No. 91210805 (SCOUTFOR)
  • Dubrowski v. Kobel, Opposition No. 91201426
  • Galderma v. Specchiasol S.R.L. (91187019)
  • Galderma v. Genic, Proceeding No. 91202765
  • McDonald’s v. Macsports, Proceeding No. 91205192 (MACSTATION)
  • Nextar v. GIAT Industries, Proceeding No. 91190086 (NEXTAR)
  • Nomen v. Birger, Opposition No. 91117598 (NOMEN v. NOMENON)
  • Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. v. Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P., Proceeding No. 91207549 (PHOENIX)
  • Seal Trademarks Pty Ltd. v. Rica Apparel LLC, Opposition No. 91202832 (RVCA v RICA)
  • Skold v. Galderma Laboratories, Inc., Cancellation No. (RESTORADERM)
  • Societe De Produits Nestle v. Toufayan (91210309)
  • Spartak v. Desly International Corp., Proceeding No. 92056875
  • Spartak v. Desly International Corp., Proceeding No. 92056905
  • Van de Velde NV v. B Twist Inc., Proceeding No. 91211264
  • Yankees v IET Products, Proceeding No. 91189692
  • Hooker/Harbrecht Ltd. v. Arrowhead Meadows, LLC, Opposition No. 91182428

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